Mattering to People

I can try to develop a resolve for writing, and getting written.  And I do try.  And I just make paragraphs small and regularly-spaced, “enter enter,” new thought, new thought, add silence for emphasis.




So I’m writing.  I’m writing because there are things in my heart that have to get out.  I’m writing mainly because there are people whose writings have changed my soul, and I want to give that to the world, too.  I want to change people’s souls.  I want them to benefit from my suffering.  I want to mean something to them because of what I have contributed to their wholeness – I want to gain friends (or maybe just fans).


Friend or fan, I want to influence people.  I want to matter.


I’m not assuming anyone is reading this, and in fact I’d be a little embarrassed to find that anyone were. But just in case, and to train myself to ask questions about what I’m saying —
Who has changed your soul by their writing?  List up to three authors and which of their writings — I want to know who matters to you.

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